Monday, October 12, 2009

DIY Desk

I thought I would go another direction in this post and talk about a recent project I completed.

I needed a desk. But I didn't want the usual boring office desk that you buy at Target or Staples and put together. I wanted a unique DIY piece of furniture. Here's what I did. I took two floating shelves that we no longer used and painted them in a bright Citron from Benjamin Moore. #2024-30. High gloss finish. Once they were dry we attached them together with wood on the underneath side of the desk.

Then I bought table legs from Ikea and attached those. Once it was complete we finished it with a custom made glass top that fits perfectly on the top of the desk pulling it all together.

Next - I searched for the right color to go with Citron. Not an easy task. I used catalogues - especially Flor to see how they brought colors together and found exactly what I needed. Back to Benjamin Moore for a warm aqua color: Covington Blue, no#HC-138. I painted two walls of the room in this color and kept two in their original white.

Finally I needed shelves. Once again I used floating shelves that we didn't use much and painted them in a high gloss white. I bought four shelf brackets at Ace Hardware and we mounted them securely to the wall with wall mounts I picked up a few desk organizing items at The Container Store...and voila! a new office! Almost entirely DIY. I reduced, reused and recycled and the whole space cost right around $200. I still need an office chair. :)
And by the way- the cat is extra.
If you have a DIY project that you want to share can you send it to me? I will need a description and 2 or 3 good photos. I will include your name the project on my blog. Thanks!

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