Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Peace This Holiday Season

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. May you have time to relax, eat great food, enjoy good company and have good wine. And I wish you peace, happiness and properity in the coming year. For Tuesday Moon there will be more art, lots of it for the hospitality industry and my Etsy customers. With the economy shaky it creates an environment that invites resourcefullness and I think that really is the theme for the next year. Be creative, be resourceful because those that are will be the ones who proper, who remain in business and will be able to make a business selling art.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Industrial Design

Here's a new one I worked on this weekend. With industrial ideas or designs so prominate and topical I created this one for my publisher who was getting requests for this look. I used metal texures and created a collage of different pieces. I also added just a little greenery to soften the piece. It will probably be published as a 12x24 open edition poster. If you are interested to find out when it's available just ask.

Hope your weekend was a good one. Remember, it's a tough economy out there and many people are sruggling to get by. Food banks are running thin. Please make food donations at your local grocery store. It's so easy to just buy a few extra items each time you go.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

4th Street Studio and Gallery this Saturday Night

Hi all, 4th Street Studio and Gallery in Berkeley is hosting an art show about "Lines of Communication". The postcards with the peace theme that were so generously donated last summer will be featured. The show is Dec 6th from 7-9. Come see some art, have a glass of wine and enjoy some Holiday Cheer and check out Peace Through Mail Art.

Please join 4th Street Studio for Lines of Communication - a group art show dedicated to exploring the connection between art & correspondence in a variety of mediums


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Copper Necklace - Now on Etsy

Well - I thought I would give jewelry a try and I enjoyed pulling it all together. My father was a metal expert so working with metal is in my blood. These are priced attractively at $10.00 each. A perfect stocking stuffer or something for you to enjoy. Please visit my Etsy site for my newest product.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It's election day!!! It's a simple message. And today I read this from Good Magazine and it makes a great point: "There are 6.46 billion human beings who aren't eligible to vote in this election, but who will have to live woth the results.

that being said...voting is a right...so use it!

Have a great day.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New prints and art updates

Have you seen all the opportunities out there for the up-to-date tech savvy artist??? I am now adding my work to Red Bubble, an ecommerce site in Australia, Trunkt, Image Kind, Finer Works, Artist Rising, Flickr, Zhibit and of course Etsy. Just think of the exposure you will get through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by adding your art to these sites? This week alone I have received comments on nearly all of my web sites, and some that have never received comments like Zhibit and Artist Rising. Not sure what my fave is but the only one that I really make $$ from would be both Etsy and Artist Rising...but I'm not discouraged by the others because it's just another way for people to see my art. And recent licensing shows in NYC have found interested merchandisers from Crate and Barrel and paper product manufacturers. Check back later for additions, news and if you have any questions about marketing your own work - just ask.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Red With Envy?

Well - today it's not a green day but if I had my way it would always be green. That fresh crisp yellow green citrus color that lights up and cools down everything in its way. But today is red..bold red with energy and passion. This is a digital design that has a watercolor feel with loose black lines smoothing out the hard edges. It's on Etsy for $35.00. 16x16 on 1818 archival matte paper. And...if you want this smaller please let me know and I can POD most smallish sizes.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Green Petals

Go Green with my latest open edition print. It's a digital print but definitley has a handmade feel. And the cool citrus color is the hot color this spring. Find it now on Etsy printed as a 16x16 open edition print on archival matte paper.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Flower Power

Here's a bold new piece I did for a licensing opportunity but I liked it so much I thought it made a great poster. It's available as a 16x16 and just go here if you are interested. I love the bold striking shapes of the flowers and it's perfect for a loft space, bedroom, teens room or even your kitchen. If you would like to see it in another color please let me know and I can create one for you.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The First Peace Card

The first postcard for the Peace In a Time of War global exchanged arrived the other day. I was so excited to receive it and now you all get to see the first one. Everyday I wonder what will arrive in my mailbox. You have till September to create these and mail them to me but don't wait so long cuz it's so fun to share them with my viewers. Here you go...from Wacky Stuff in Canada.


I finally got on the walls at High Point. These are multiple original paintings in 40x40. I designed them as digital images created from actual plants in my garden. Artists Guild in southern California reproduced the designs as acrylic paintings. Two of these are available on Art.com and hopefully the others will be available soon. More to follow....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Inspiration From a Power Pole

I came up on a photo of a telephone pole so I scanned it in and manipulated it in Photoshop then added the orange background. I liked the image so much that I did it in blue and green as well. I also tried it with Victorian florals that I got from Dover. I really like the play of something as gritty and raw as a power pole with something delicate like florals. Or without flowers too as you can see. They are on etsy at Pear Street Press if you want to order an 8x10.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Mail art Call

Hi all,
I'm hosting an international art exchange that will raise money for charity. here's the info:
Peace in a Time of War. Please send postcards with this theme. Please be positive! No negative post cards. These will be featured in an exhibit in Berkeley California in November. We hope to have 1000 cards. Money raised will be used to fund medical supplies to children in Iraq and for disabled veterans. I will also featured postcards on my blog as they come in. Send to: Jan Weiss, 2110 Willow Lake Ct. Martinez, California, 94553 United States. This call ends in September. As we get closer to the exhibit I will post more informaiton or email me if you have questions. I look forward to seeing all your beatutiful art. Remember, post card size, approx 4x6 and I want cards from as many nations as possible.
As I receive cards I will show them on this blog.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Studio Original

Here's a studio original reproduced 10 times by the same artist from start to finish in our Northern California studio. This piece is signed and numbered and includes a COA. It's attractively priced at $100.00. We designed these to work for hospitality, corporate and residential. Go to my Etsy site to purchase or see every piece in the collection and thanks so much for visiting.

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Studio Originals

Hi all,

I teamed up with a few really great artists to develop a line of original studio works. Each of these pieces is an original piece of art painted ten times...so it's ten originals of the same image and each one is signed, numbered and comes with a COA. And there are ten different images. Please check out our new Etsy site at Pear Street Press. These are attractivly priced for hospitality and corporate at $100 each. Great price for an original piece of art.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Modern Fish

here's another one I created for the scrapbooking industry. I liked the vintage fish from Dover juxtaposed with urban text, a textured background and Victorian flowers.

Gone Missing!

Been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to post. I have been working on so many projects and creating lots of art for fun and profit. Additionally a Canadian friend and I have been throwing around the idea of producing a book and web site for artists interested in furthering their career in the industry - which basically translates to "how do I make a living off my art". I get asked this a lot so it makes sense to get it in writing. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime - here's a new piece I created that is in a series. I designed this as a request from my licensing agent for scrapbook paper with an urban edge. You won't see hearts and teddy bears from me.