Monday, June 29, 2009

Time for a Swim.

It's hot. It's 104 degrees. I want to swim. Escaping to San Francisco yesterday and watching the Pride Parade was a great way to cool off. Another way is to create art inspired by a swimming pool. This is a panel with lovely retro upholstered chairs. Now all we need is a Manhatten or a Gin and Tonic to complete the picture. This print is available on Etsy right now and it's an 18x48 panel. Please let me know if you want alternate sizes. Enjoy and cool off.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dwell On Design June 09

This weekend is the Dwell on Design Show. Wish I could be there! But since I can't I have been checking out the shops and web sites that are listed in the Dwell supplement. Where do I start?? Ok - first we have A+R in Venice. Offering exclusive and uncommon home and personal accessories. I really love the idea of uncommon. Shouldn't your dwelling be uncommon?
Let's move on to Plastica. I was a little concerned about the name, I don't care for plastic - but this place sounds fun. The owners hand-select each item and the items are functional. They look and do something. How cool is that!

Moving on to books. One of my favorite things. Skylight Books is a cozy contemporary bookstore in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA focusing on design, art, photography, film, theatre, fashion and graphic literature.
I'm going on a virtual tour now. Have a great day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Artwork by Danna Ray

It's hard to explain Danna Ray's work. It's so soft and ethereal that when you look at it, it's kinda like yoga for the brain. All of a sudden I feel relaxed. She takes ordinary images like lawn chairs, leaves, umbrellas and water and makes a little bit of heaven on paper.

Take a look at The Kindred Site to download her work as a free desktop image. If you are feeling a little anxious take a look at Danna's work and lose your worries. Almost better then a bath with lavender essential oil.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now Offering New Prints from R.L. Solomon

Love the whole nine patch thing going on. The colors are spicy and warm and are great for family room. This artist, R.L. Solomon, is very prolific so I plan on offering lots of great decorative art.

As for me...I just keep making stuff and working on my ecommerce site: Artprints-Online. I am also looking for new fabulous under-represented artists out there for publishing opportunities.

You know where to find me.