Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Studio Gallery moves into its new digs

Studio Gallery on Polk Street in San Francisco has moved out of its charming, yet cramped space into a new space across the street and down one block to 1815 Polk Street. If you haven't been to this gallery please stop by. The artists are all local, amazing talent and the high quality of this collection is actually affordable. Jen and Rab are always coming up with creative shows. One of my favorites is the the Tiny Show held during the holidays where all art is...well...tiny...and pretty small prices as well. In March they will have their annual show that is dedicated to food and drink. This one is held from March 11th thru April 12th. Take a look...you will not be disappointed. And..there's lots of great little cafe's and restaurants nearby where you can grab lunch after your gallery walk.

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