Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Santa Monica Gem...

My husband and I discovered the Bergomot Station Art Center a few weeks ago. What an amazing find in an obscure place. Bergamot Station is the historical name for the site on which the gallery complex is located, dating back to 1875 when it was a stop for the Red Line trolley running from Los Angeles to the Santa Monica Pier. Bergamot is a flower of the mint family that once flourished in the area. We visited the Lora Schlesinger Gallery and fell in love with the works of Robert Ginder. His sublime renderings of LA bungalows are a treat for the eye. Their small size draws the viewer in and you won't want to miss the details such as the rooftop antennas and old fashioned lawn sprinklers. The background of each piece is finished in gold leaf adding a richness to a piece that already gives so much.

The Robert Berman Gallery features fantasy images by Andrew Foster. His nudes are romantically rendered with whimsy and humor weaving in and out of reality.

Don't miss this jewel in the heart of Santa Monica.

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