Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emerging Artists; My Studio

Happy Sunday. Thought I would do something different rather then a new artist I am sharing my studio space with you. It's a mess...I know. But somehow - through some sort of magical twist I am able to find what I need - usually. So here goes:

This is my desk. Paint brushes, stacks of collage papers, dried brushes that I should have cleaned but didn't. My bike in the background and a green cup.

A drawer with tubes of paint. So many it's crazy but I need a lot. I buy the little ones at Micheal's and they work for me. When they are done I put the empty one on top of my desk to remind me that I need to replace that color. There is lots of green.

This is another drawer - near the paint drawer that has a collection of collage papers that I tear up and make stuff with.

This is a pile of scrap paper. Mostly envelopes and stamps which work really well in collage. I like to use gel medium which I forgot to include but it's made by Golden and I love it! Sometimes there are bits of string and other times I find stuff buried that I forgot about and it's like getting something new. Other times I find bits of metal.

Now I have to go because I am doing an interview for a local cable show about local artists. If you are interested in my work you can see my art prints on Imagekind, Etsy and Flickr.

Have a wonderful day!

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