Thursday, February 18, 2010

Emerging Artist; Speed Skating

Watching those skaters speed dizzy circles around that track thrills and inspires me and at the same time think it's just a touch crazy! Crashing into each other; passing in just the slimmest of spaces and pushing in the relay. So - in honor of the craziness let's focus on skate inspired art and cool things that jingle.

A personalized glass style with whimsical skates hanging just so. Simple and elegant me thinks.

Oh - I so want this! A locket with Olympics Love! Oh my......

How naughty and discreet plus really imaginative. Just when you thought you had it all...this light switch plate takes turning on a light to a whole new level.

Ok - just one more because this one surely couldn't be missed. A red coat, ice skates and a young girl creating swirly shapes...all in this charming print. Lovely.....and quiet...

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