Monday, December 14, 2009

The Seven Commandments of Noah

I read this in the SF Chronicle yesterday and it really hit home with me. Doing business ethically; what a great idea. Now I am sharing it with you. This is from a new book by Noah Alper (Noah's Bagels fame) called Business Mensch. Mr. Alper uses Jewish tradition to explain the lessons he learned in 38 years of entrepreneurship:
1. Have a little chutzpah. Accomplishing great tasks requires risk-taking.
2. Discover yourself. Bring your own gifts and passions into your work.
3. Go forth like Abraham. Be ready to take action.
4. It takes a shtetl (village). Know when to seek help from partners, advisers or employees.
5. The power of the mensch. Treating people right pays off in the long run.
6. Come back stronger. Nearly all businesses fail; the trick is learning from failures and using them as as springboard to rebuild.
7. Remember the Sabbath. Step away from work for a revitalized perspective.

With that I wish you all a wonderful week. Tomorrow - more art.

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