Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Heart It!

Truly a little treasure of dare I say, "Heartness"? I heart everything here! Not sure where it all comes from but it's a present to my sanity. WE Heart It is a blog of images. You can make favourites. Mine are all text images. And search by tags for whatever your little heart desires. It's truly hard to pick a favourite image, so for today it's this one...love the Henry Miller poem!

Katrin Schwulst, a fabulous illustrator out of Dresden is truly a romantic. Her Seasprayblue shop in Etsy offers us hints of everyday life with vignettes and simple designs. She adds a story behind this images...defining the character and makes me wish I was there. Her whimsical and honest renderings just make my heart go pitter patter...just a little.

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