Monday, August 3, 2009

The Art of Zhou Fan

I'm not sure where to start with this artists work. Giant hats and little faces hidden in fabric; pregnant bellies wrapped in colorful material and sketched with precision and whimsy and lots of humor. The art makes me smile and I'm not even sure what I'm looking at sometimes.

Born in China, Zhou Fan graduated from the art department of Shanxi University. Also in 2007, Zhou Fan participated in Art Beijing, one of the top art expositions in China. Here is the artists statement: A series of my paintings is based on dreams that I had as a child of many many jellyfish floating in the sky, some of which fell to the ground on parachutes and became mushrooms. These dreams had a strong impact on me, and I remember them vividly. Somehow I feel that it is easier to focus on dreams than reality. In one particular painting, there is a boy crying because he keeps things within him, is easily sad, and he refuses to face reality.

This art is so carefully constructed yet free and open. I can't help but enjoy and relish each design. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

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