Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Touch of Earth

This is my latest piece on Etsy. It's called The Color of The Earth because I used soft spice and earth tones for the colors. I took left over matboard from my husbands frame shop. (ok - I get great deals on frames!) then I painted 8x8 squares in different colors including, blue, yellow, orange and sepia. I used two values for each piece to give it depth. Then I scanned each one it at double the size. I used to scan them in and make the dpi really 600. But it sounded like the scanner was going to quit on me.Then I found out you can scan it for the size you want it to be instead which works great. Then I opened each one in Photoshop, chopped up the images and dropped them onto a 12x24 space and moved the pieces around till I found a composition I liked. The circles were created by making the scanned image a pattern. The image is so large that I can easily create squares from it as well.

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