Saturday, February 14, 2009

Free is In!

Right now free is a good thing. I lost my job at last week and I'm wondering how I can afford all those art supplies; so I turn to free on-line resources. The security net of corporate America does not exist anymore and the only way we are going to financially make it is to use the vast amount of resources available for us and to use them in ways you might not think of. There is always the philosophy of "reduce, reuse, recycle" and I use this philosophy everytime I paint over another canvas. If the painting is just sitting there and I'm not in love with it and my ego isn't attached to it then it gets a new life. I also use the free paintbrushes at Brusheezy. These artists are amazing and so generous with their talent. I download these brushes and use them on scrapbook paper, greeting cards and small prints. Some of my favorites are the retro ads and the blood spatters. I know - that's a little graphic but if you don't make the spatter red then it just looks like paint. Another favorite is CGTextures. This site is seriously amazing. I have used textures such as metal, rust, water, buildings and doors. The files are large and they allow the viewer to download up to 15 mgs per day. It's a user generated site and these artists once again contribute generously. Another one is Deviant Art but I struggle with this one. Maybe you will have more luck then I do. This site offers literally millions of images. Have fun!

Maybe when we are all earning a living again we can contribute back to these sites by adding our own high res images or brushstrokes. Our way of saying thank you to all these artists who give freely to the artworld.

One last thing. I added this image to Etsy yesterday. I love retro images so I used this car from Brusheezy; think it's a good balance to the motel image.
Happy Creating.

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Gonna be a writer said...

Good to see that you've come up with a way to get round your current financial restrictions. Here's hoping they are only temporary.