Thursday, July 24, 2008

New prints and art updates

Have you seen all the opportunities out there for the up-to-date tech savvy artist??? I am now adding my work to Red Bubble, an ecommerce site in Australia, Trunkt, Image Kind, Finer Works, Artist Rising, Flickr, Zhibit and of course Etsy. Just think of the exposure you will get through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by adding your art to these sites? This week alone I have received comments on nearly all of my web sites, and some that have never received comments like Zhibit and Artist Rising. Not sure what my fave is but the only one that I really make $$ from would be both Etsy and Artist Rising...but I'm not discouraged by the others because it's just another way for people to see my art. And recent licensing shows in NYC have found interested merchandisers from Crate and Barrel and paper product manufacturers. Check back later for additions, news and if you have any questions about marketing your own work - just ask.

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